A Wehrmacht Heer EM/NCO’s Belt Buckle

Wehrmacht Heer EM/NCO’s Belt Buckle in drab green, unmarked with leather tab embossed with “JOS WELTE ASCHAFENBUAS”.

This style of belt buckle was instituted in 1936 to replace the Weimer republic and replaced with the Wehrmacht National Eagle and inscription “Gott Mins Uns” (God With Us)  the pattern was worn throughout the war with minor manufacturing variations and colors in good condition.


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Wehrmacht Heer Belt Buckle

The Wehrmacht Heer Belt Buckle design was instituted on 24th January 1936, which was officially introduced to replace the Weimer Republic Insignia, which was very similar in design and construction and retained the motto “Gott Mins Uns” (God With Us) and replaced the Prussian Crown with the Wehrmacht Eagle.

The Heer belt buckle came in two main variants for EM/NCO’s and officers, which differed in design for combat and ceremonial use, which was constructed in die-stamped steel by various manufacturers.