German Cross of Honour Field Artillery Medal

Very rare decoration German Cross of Field Artillery Medal is made from non ferrous material gold plated, awarded 1920 – 1933 measuring 46.4m x 53.4m, weighing 20g, in good condition with manufacturers makers mark on the reverse; H.J. Wilm – Berlin stamped in the middle.


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German Cross of Honour Field Artillery Medal

This cross of honour was donated to a class after the establishment of the field artillery ring in 1920. Lieutenant General Fritz Jürst acted as 1st chairman. Oskar von Watter, also General of the Field Artillery, was a founding member and head of the field artillery ring.

Between 1890 and 1914 the field artillery was expanded from 37 regiments with 434 batteries to 100 regiments with 633 batteries.  Very little is known about the conditions in which this was awarded.

The German Cross of Honour Field Artillery Medal depicts a gold maltese cross with a raised vertical cannon barrel in the centre, muzzle pointing upwards.  On the left of the barrel is the inscription ‘PRO GLORIA’ (For Glory) and on the right ‘ET PATRIA’ (And Fartherland).  Surrounded by oak leaf wreath with the inscription Ehren, Kreuz, Der Feld, Artillerie (Honour, Cross, The Field Artillery).