German Heer Combat Field Blouse

A very nice German Heer Combat Field Blouse manufactured from Herring Bone Twill (HBT) material. The blouse features four non-pleated scalloped pockets and retains its original factory machine-stitched breast eagle and litzen collar tabs, shoulder titles, complete with Iron Cross ribbon on the second buttonhole.

The interior is lined in a grey-coloured rayon material, with RB Numbers Reichsbetriebnummer (National factory code numbers), which includes the size and manufacturer, which were introduced in late 1942 to conceal location.  The garment is in good condition, with slight wear.

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German Heer Combat Field Blouse

The German Heer Combat Field Blouse Herring Bone Twill (HBT) uniforms were first introduced in April 1933 to be worn for daily functions instead of the drill uniform.

On 12th February 1940 the color of the uniforms was altered to a reed green coloration.  The combat field blouse was issued with no insignia with only EM/NCO’s sleeve rank and collar trim insignia applied to donate the wearer’s rank. The garment was used throughout the war with minor modifications and in early 1942 a modified drill tunic was issued as a summer combat field blouse and followed the basic modifications of the standard-issue field blouse throughout the war.

On 27th September 1943, the reed greed colour was introduced to all three services Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine and Heer to save money.