Group of WW2 German Decorations & Militaria

This is a fine collection of WW2 German decorations and militaria, was brought back from a veteran that served with 50th Infantry Division brought back after the war.

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  1. Original Iron Cross 1939, 1st Class Cased by Rudolf Wächtler & Lange, Lüdenscheid multi-piece construction with a blackened iron core magnetic with ribbed border, with a raised swastika in the centre with institution date 1939 below.

  2. Original War Merit Cross First Class with Swords constructed in zinc, stamped with desirable makers mark 65 by Klein & Quenzer A.G on the reverse hinge pin measuring 47.3 mm (h) x 47.3 mm (w).

  3. Original WW2 Minesweepers War Badge (Minensucher-Kriegsabzeichen) by Adolf Scholze constructed in zinc with a nice patina and traces of gilt.

  4. 1 x Wehrmacht Heer EM/NCO’s Belt Buckle both in drab green, unmarked with leather tab embossed with “JOS WELTE ASCHAFENBUAS” in good condition.

  5. Third Reich Flag, White Disc With Swastika Souvenir

  6. Original Wehrmacht Heer Wreathed Cockade for worn by officers in visor caps, two-part construction in aluminum with all prongs intact, measuring 63mm x 26mm in good condition.