Gwalior Star

A Gwalior Star awarded to Private James Goddard To H.M. 16th Lancers which engraved on the reverse.  The medal is a six-pointed star measuring 50mm diameter made in bronze from captured guns during the Gwalior Campaign. In the centre of the star is a silver disk, which bears the Date 29th Dec, 1843 and Maharajpoor.


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Gwalior Star

The Gwalior Star is a Campaign medal presented by the Honourable East India Company to the soldiers of the British Army and the British led Bengal Army who took part in the 1843 Gwalior Campaign.

Following rising tensions between the East India Company and the State of Gwalior led to a British-led advance into Gwalior early in December 1843 in a two pronged attack. On December 29, 1843, the British Army defeated Maharaja Shrimant Jayaji Rao Scindia, and regained control of Gwalior. The first division of the army, commanded by General Sir Hugh Gough, was victorious at the Battle of Maharajpoor. Major-General Grey, on the same day, with the second division, was victorious at the Battle of Punniar.

The medal was manufactured at the Calcuta Mint, which was presented by the British India Government originally as a star with a clip on the back to be worn on the breast.  Eventually, most of these were fitted with a ring or bar of varying design, so that they could be suspended by a ribbon and worn with other medals. The ribbon used was the common ribbon used on many East India Company medals, which was a red-white-yellow-white-blue gradient ribbon such as that found on the Candahar, Ghuznee, Cabul Medal.