Radio Operators & Air Gunner Badge by B&NL

An original Luftwaffe Radio Operators and Air Gunner badge (Luftwaffen-Funker und Luftgewehrschützen-Abzeichen), two-piece construction die struck in zinc with lighting bolt by B&NL (Berg & Nolte, Lüdenscheid) mid to later war textbook example.

On the reverse includes two rivets to secure the eagle to the wreath, with barrel hinge and round wire catch with maker mark clearly stamped measuring 52.6mm x 42.6mm in good condition.

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Radio Operators & Air Gunner Badge

The Radio Operators and Air Gunner Badge (Luftwaffen-Funker und Luftgewehrschützen-Abzeichen) was instituted on the 22nd June 1942 as an occupational badge for onboard radio operators, flight engineers, and gunners which was issued to personal after two months of non-operational qualifying service or participated in a minimum of five operational flights.

The Air Gunner badge came in two variations one with silver-coloured wreath, and the second with a black wreath.  The silver version was for regular Air Gunners and flight engineers, whilst the black was added later in the war on the 24th April 1944 awarded to recipients that had to replace Air Gunners killed in action.