Royal Army Medical Corp Badges

A rare collection of WW1 Royal Army Medical Corp badges including cap badge, shoulder titles, and collar badges, and sweetheart badge. In addition, the collection comes complete with a medical armband without any staining or tears in good condition.

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Royal Army Medical Corp Cap Badge

The badge of the RAMC is described as: The Rod of Aesculapius with a Serpent entwined, surrounded by a wreath of Laurels and surmounted by a crown. Below is a motto ‘In Arduis Fidelis’. The literal meaning is ‘In Hardship Faithful’ which is commonly translated as ‘Steadfast in Adve

Brief History

The Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC) is responsible for maintaining the health of servicemen and women. The Corps is represented wherever British Soldiers are deployed, providing medical support to operations, exercises and adventurous training expeditions all over the world.

The RAMC was formed in 1898 and is the largest corps in the Army Medical Services (AMS).

The Corps has a role that ranges from providing immediate first aid emergency care on the front line and routine treatment or long-term care at health centres and hospitals, as well as health promotion and disease prevention.

In the field, RAMC surgeons, pharmacists, doctors and medics combine expert medical training with leadership skills to coordinate large-scale trauma situations and humanitarian operations.