Souvenir Ticket Arnhem

This rare souvenir ticket Arnhem was produced for one of the premiere screenings on the 17th September 1946, for the documentary drama “Theirs is The Glory”.   The film was a remarkable account of the Battle of Arnhem and was screened simultaneously in Ottawa, Arnhem, and the Gaumont Theatre in the Haymarket, London.  These special plaques were manufactured from alloy salvaged from a glider that took part in the Arnhem landings. They are of course seldom encountered and highly prized.

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Souvenir Ticket Arnhem

A metal souvenir ticket in the shape of a square with raised edges. The front has the logo of the British 1st Airborne Division, which is a Greek warrior mounted on a winged horse.  Embosed on the reverse of the ticket are the words  “THIS SOUVENIR TICKET IS MADE OF METAL FROM ONE OF THE CRASHED GLIDERS WHICH CARRIED THE BRITISH 1ST. AIRBOURNE DIVISION INTO BATTLE ARNHEM ON SEPTEMBER 17TH 1944”.
The inscription refers to metal from one of the gliders which crashed at Arnhem. The airborne attack at Arnhem, by the British 1st Airborne Division, was part of a coordinated assault, code named Operation Market Garden. The Allies planned to seize bridges at Eindhoven, Nijmegen and Arnhem in The Netherlands. The third bridge would provide a crossing on The River Rhine – a significant natural obstacle. A column of armoured vehicles would advance rapidly along the road to relieve the airborne troops. The bridges were captured intact by the paratroopers and glider-borne troops. The bridge at Arnhem was held by men of the Parachute Regiment, who became surrounded by German troops.  They were compelled to surrender after three days and four nights of increasingly ferocious attacks.