Technische Nothilfe (Teno) Enlisted Man’s Hewer By Carl Eickhorn

A scarce Technische Nothilfe (TENO) EM/NCO’s Hewer By Carl Eickhorn.   This Teno Hewer has a scimitar-shaped blade with a curved edge, and a straight back with a narrow fuller on both sides.  The blade is constructed in steel and coated in nickel-silver, unsharpened tip, and edges.  The reverse of the ricasso has the classic maker’s mark logo of a squirrel grasping a sword for “Eickhorn, Solingen”, with the “Ges Gesch” patent mark above.   The metal hilt features an asymmetrical crossguard that extends only a little way above the grip at the top and tapers towards a scroll finial at the bottom and is marked underneath on the blade with the serial number “1161”, which matches the scabbard.   The white grips are secured to the tang by two screws, and the pommel is shaped like an eagle’s head and features a raised cog-shaped motif, coated in nickel with slight flaking.   The metal scabbard is painted black with a magnetic metal shaft marked “1161” with a metal throat and tip, which has slight rust spots which can be easily cleaned.   The TENO Hewer comes complete with a leather hanger, with an aluminum snap clip which has the maker’s marked logo “A” on the reverse for Assmann & Söhne, Lüdenscheid.  The buttonhole that secures the handle is torn, complete with the original portepee for a TENO Technical service NCO.   Overall the TENO Hewer and Scabbard are in good condition and would make a great display for any collection.


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The Technische Nothilfe (Technical Emergency Relief) was an organisation that existed during World War II in Germany.   It was created in 1919 as a voluntary association aimed at providing technical assistance during emergencies such as natural disasters or accidents. However, during the war, it was reorganised and absorbed into the Nazi regime’s civil defense apparatus.

In 1933, the Nazi Party came to power in Germany, and the Technische Nothilfe was incorporated into the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSDAP) system. Its role expanded to include military-related tasks such as air raid protection, emergency repairs, and assisting with technical services for the military. The organization had divisions dedicated to firefighting, rescue operations, road repair, and other technical support functions.

During the war, the Technische Nothilfe played a role in supporting German military operations by providing technical assistance in combat zones, maintaining infrastructure, and aiding in post-bombing reconstruction efforts. They were involved in repairing damaged infrastructure, clearing debris, and restoring essential services in war-affected areas.

The Technische Nothilfe continued its activities until the end of World War II in 1945.   After the war, the organization was disbanded, and Germany underwent a period of denazification, during which various Nazi-affiliated organizations were dissolved or restructured.

It’s worth noting that the Technische Nothilfe should not be confused with the Todt Organization (Organisation Todt), which was another Nazi civil and military engineering group responsible for a wide range of construction projects during the war, including fortifications, infrastructure, and industrial facilities.

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