WW2 Africa Star Medal With 1st Army Ribbon Clasp

A WW2 Africa Star Medal complete with 1st Army ribbon clasp.  The 1st Army clasp was awarded for service in Tunis or Algeria between 8.11.1942 – 31.12.1942 or thereafter between 1st January and 12th May 1943, in any unit under the command of the First Army.   The medal has no damage or repairs and is in good condition.

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Africa Star Medal

The Africa Star is a six–pointed star of yellow copper zinc alloy, with a height of 44mm and a maximum width of 38mm.  The obverse of the medal has a central design of the Royal Cypher of King George VI, surmounted by a crown. The cypher is surrounded by a circle containing the words “The Africa Star”.  The reverse is plain, although Stars issued to Australian, Indian and South African personnel have recipient names impressed.

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