Hitler Youth

Welcome to Grenadier Militaria International online militaria antiques store, we are a Militaria dealer based in the UK that specialise in buying and selling authentic Hitler Youth insignia, awards, headgear and historical artefacts.

The Hitler Youth was a political youth organisation of Nazi Germany, which was formed in 1933.  The organisation was created to promote NSDAP ideology and prepare young Germans for military service,

Hitler Youth insignia consisted of various proficiency badges in three levels Iron Class, Bronze and Silver Class.  These were based on military orientated training including, sports, shooting and field exercises such as map reading, route marching and camouflage and concealment.

All items on our website are original period items unless stated otherwise.  We are also pleased to offer international consignment service in which Grenadier Militaria International offers the sales of your item(s) on the world market on your behalf.

With an extensive global online audience items are listed for direct sale to our international audience.



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