Royal Armoured Corp

Welcome to Grenadier Militaria International online militaria antiques store, we are a Militaria dealer based in the UK that specialise in buying and selling authentic British and Commonwealth Royal Armoured Corp and Calvary medals, decorations, insignia, headdress, uniforms, and historical artefacts internationally.

The Royal Armoured Corp (RAC) was formed on 4th April 1939, just before World War II started, by combining regiments from the cavalry of the line which had mechanised with the Royal Tank Corps (renamed Royal Tank Regiment).

As WW2 continued regular cavalry and Territorial Army Yeomanry units became mechanised, and the corps was increased with several infantry battalions converted to the armoured role as RAC regiments.  The Corp role was created to provide training and support regiments.

The RAC is divided into regiments which operate main battle tanks (MBT), armoured reconnaissance and light cavalry which includes historic cavalry regiments from the Dragoons, Hussars and Lancers.

We buy and sell authentic Royal Armoured Corp and Cavalry awards and insignia.  In addition,  we are pleased to offer international consignment service in which Grenadier Militaria International offers the sales of your item(s) on the world market on your behalf.

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