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The idea of inserting large numbers of Airborne Forces was first conceived during WW1 by the Allies, but were abandoned due to logistical constraints. The birth of Airborne forces was first widely embraced by the Germans in WW2, with the formation of the Fallschirmjäger in 1936.

Following the successful invasion of Create by German paratroopers on the 20th May 1941 the Allies hurried to train and established No 1 Parachute Training School at RAF Ringway, which trained 60,000 allied paratroopers.  The birth of British Airborne  Units were routed with elite special force No 2 Commandos, which was subsequently renamed as No 11 Special Air Force Battalion otherwise known as X Troop.

The first Airborne assault was Operation Colossus on the 10th May 1941 by No Commando, which finally lead to the formation of the Parachute Regiment.

We specialise in authentic Airborne & Special Forces Awards and Insignia, decorations, medals, insignia, documents, headdress and historical artefacts from WW2 and modern day forces.

In recent years’ awards and insignia associated with Airborne & Special Forces from around the world are highly collectable.  All items on our website are original period items unless stated otherwise.  We are also pleased to offer international consignment service in which Grenadier Militaria International offers your Militaria item(s) for sale on the world market on your behalf.

With an extensive global online audience items are listed for direct sale to our international audience.

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Showing all 138 results