WW2 Wehrmacht Breast Eagle (Wehrmachtsadler)

Throughout WW2 the Wehrmacht (Heer, Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine) wore breast eagles on the right breast above the right pocket on their tunics and combat uniforms. For enlisted men and NCOs these were often machine embroidered or jacquard-woven BeVo, as for the officers these were generally hand-embroidered in white silk or bright aluminum wire or gold bullion for Generals.

During the war several variations of the Wehrmacht Breast Eagle (Wehrmachtsadler) existed, when hostilities began in 1939 the eagle changed from silver-white to matte grey to reduce visibility and from 1940 it was produced in field grey. Towards the end of the war in 44, a triangular version was issued as this was cheaper and easier to manufacture.

In addition to the period variants, these also came in different colours and designs depending on the arm or unit; black for panzer units, brown tan for tropical Afrikakorp. The Wehrmacht Breast Eagle (Wehrmachtsadler) also came in metal worn on officers’ summer tunics.

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