13th Waffen-SS Mountain Division Handschar Collar Tab

A 13th Waffen-SS Mountain Division Handschar Collar Tab, embroidered with silver-grey thread on typical SS black wool, depicts a wielding scimitar beside a mobile swastika.  The reverse comes complete with buckram stiffener.   This unissued collar tab, is a late war piece, typical Dachau construction found by US troops in the SS storehouse when liberated in 1945 in very good condition.


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13th Waffen-SS Mountain Division

The 13th Waffen Mountain Division of the SS Handschar (1st Croatian) was a mountain infantry division of the Waffen-SS, an armed branch of the German Nazi Party that served alongside but was never formally part of the Wehrmacht during World War II.
The division fought a counter-insurgency campaign against communist-led Yugoslav Partisan resistance forces in the Independent State of Croatia, a fascist puppet state of Germany that encompassed almost all of modern-day Croatia, all of modern-day Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as parts of Serbia.  It was given the title Handschar after a local fighting knife or sword carried by Ottoman policemen during the centuries that the region was part of the Ottoman Empire. It was the first non-Germanic Waffen-SS division, and its formation marked the expansion of the Waffen-SS into a multi-ethnic military force.

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