14th USAAF WW2 Flying Tigers Badge

An orginal 14th USAAF WW2 flying tigers badge, machine embroidered patch. The circular badge depicts a winged tiger, beneath the American five-pointed, silver-white star with a red circle in the center on a blue background.

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14th USAAF Flying Tigers Badge

The Flying Tigers were American volunteer pilots recruited by Claire L. Chennault, a retired U.S. Army captain, to combat the Japanese in Burma (Myanmar) and China during 1941–42. At that time, Japan’s control over China’s ports and transportation system had nearly isolated China’s Nationalist government from the outside world. Despite facing chronic shortages of fuel, parts, and pilots, this small group of air fighters achieved numerous victories over the much larger and better-equipped Japanese air force. They flew supplies, provided air cover for the Burma Road, protected the Chinese capital of Chungking, and engaged the Japanese in southwestern and other parts of China. The Tigers employed surprise, mobility, precision flying, and unconventional tactics to outmaneuver the Japanese and inflict significant damage on their air and ground forces. On July 4, 1942, members of the unit who chose to do so were incorporated into the U.S. 10th Air Force, forming the nucleus of the China Air Task Force, which was reorganized in March 1943 as the 14th Air Force. Chennault remained in command, eventually being promoted to brigadier general in 1942 and major general in 1943.

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