26th Hussars Regiment Cap Badge

Guaranteed original WW2 26th Hussars Regiment Cap Badge die stamped in good condition, complete with original lugs.

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26th Hussars Regiment Cap Badge

The regimental cap badge of the 26th Hussars Regiment depicts a Prussian eagle with an orb and sceptre, with ornate scroll below inscribed “XXVI Hussars”.

Brief History

The 26th Hussars was a cavalry regiment of the British Army from 1941 to 1943.  The regiment was raised at Meerut in June 1941 from a cadre of personnel taken from the 14th/20th King’s Hussars and assigned to the 2nd Indian Armoured Brigade. It was later moved to the 255th Indian Armoured Brigade at Sialkot.

The regiment was disbanded at Bolarum, near Secunderabad, in October 1943. Some of the personnel were transferred to the 3rd Carabiniers, but the majority joined the Chindits force under Orde Wingate.