3rd SAS (Special Air Service) WW2 Shoulder Title – Rare

A extremly rare 3rd SAS (Special Air Service) WW2 shoulder title, hand embroidered in Cambridge blue thread on maroon woollen backing. The reverse has black fabric backing with no damage or moth holes.

Product ID: 11760


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3rd SAS (Special Air Service) Brief History

On September 15, 1940, Captain Georges Bergé of the Free French forces established the 1st Air Company, known as the 1re compagnie de l’air (1re CIA), while stationed in Great Britain. This unit later transformed into the 1st Parachute Light Infantry Company, or 1re compagnie de chasseurs parachutistes (1re CCP). In 1942, upon the request of David Stirling to Charles de Gaulle, this company merged with the British Special Air Service (SAS) airborne unit, forming the French Squadron within the SAS Brigade. The 3rd SAS (French) and 4th SAS (French) became recognized as the 1st Airborne Marine Infantry Regiment (1er RPIMa) and the 2nd Parachute Chasseur Regiment (2e RCP), respectively.

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