A Cased EK1 Spange By Mayer

A cased EK1 Spange By Mayer, in silvered tombac, depicting the German National Eagle with outstretched wings, above a bar embossed “1939”, unmarked but attributed to B. H. Mayer with great patina, complete with vertical pin and catch on the reverse, in mint condition.  The presentation case has slight wear to the black leatherette exterior, which is embossed with a silver Spange on the lid, and a rectangular push-button catch, lined with black velvet.  Overall, this cased EK1 spange is in mint condition.


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The EK1 Spange was reinstituted on 1st September 1939, by Adolf Hitler to recognise personnel who had earned the 1914 Iron Cross during WW1 and whose actions in WW2 merited being awarded the iron cross again.

There were two patterns of spange issued, both of which included the German National Eagle and swastika, with outstretched wings, over a bar with the date “1939”.  The first-class award had a pin attached or screw back, so it could be worn on the uniform pocket.  The second class spange had two or four prongs on the reverse and was affixed to a WW1 Iron Cross 1914 black and white ribbon.

One-Piece Iron Cross Spange

In addition to the aforementioned patterns, another scarce version exists attached to an Iron Cross 1914 one-piece construction, which was privately made and often faked.