Army Service Corp Cap Badge

Original WW1 Army Service Cap badge die stamped in brass in good conditions, complete with slider on reverse.

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Army Service Corp Cap Badge

The regimental cap badge of the Royal Army Service Corp depicts an eight-pointed Garter Star, the top point being replaced by an Imperial (King’s) crown resting on the Garter with motto HONI SOIT QUE MAL Y PENSE.

In the centre of the star, a laurel wreath encircling the Garter, the ends of the wreath connecting with the crown. In the voided centre, the cypher “ASC” with textured letters.

Brief History

The Army Service Corps (ASC) was the unit responsible for keeping the British Army supplied with provisions. The exceptions were weaponry and ammunition, which were supplied by the Royal Army Ordnance Corps.  In 1965 the corp was disbanded and its services were divided between other Royal Corp of Transport and the Royal Army Ordnance Corp which was  subsequently became the Royal Logistics Corp in 1993.

The first unit to carry out transport duties for the British Army was the Royal Waggoners.  Established in the early years of the French Revolutionary Wars (1793-1802) to deliver a service previously provided by civil contractors, the Waggoners experiment proved unsuccessful. The unit was disbanded in 1795, less than a year after its formation.

These shortcomings led to the formation of the Land Transport Corps in 1855, before changing its name to Military Train which was made still made of uniformed civilians and commanded by officers.  In 1870, the Military Train was renamed the Army Service Corps.

In recognition of its major undertaking supplying troops during WW1, it was given the Royal Prefix Royal Army Service Corp (RASC), which served all major conflicts it was finally disbanded.