British Pattern 1888 MkI Type II Lee Metford Bayonet

This scarce British Pattern 1888 MkI Type II Lee Metford Bayonet.  The 303mm double-edged blade is nicely marked on the ricasso with a V.R. (Victoria Regina) and on the obverse side of the ricasso is marked with an Enfield inspection mark, the British War Department broad arrow, and “WD” and a bend test stamp which is a back-to-back R.

The wooden grip is in excellent condition with two large brass rivets. the wooden hilt scales are drilled with an oil hole on both sides above the top rivet. The steel crosspiece and pommel have slight signs of rust, which can easily be restored which is stamped 1058.

This iconic bayonet comes complete with the original Enfield black leather scabbard with steel mounts, which is in great condition.


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