British WW2 6th Armoured Division Formation Badges

A orginal set of British WW2 6th Armoured Division formation badges, machine embroidered depicting a clenched mailed gauntlet in white on a black woollen square. The badge has no damage or repairs in good condition.

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6th Armoured Division & 1st Armoured Division

The armoured gauntlet or ‘mailed fist’ was considered an appropriate emblem for an armoured formation. Divisional HQ was formed in the UK in September 1940. 6th Armoured Division formed part of 1st Army for the invasion of North Africa (Operation ‘Torch’) and the subsequent campaign in Tunisia in 1942-1943. A regimental group from the Division formed ‘Blade Force’ which was, in company with 78th Division, among the first British troops to land in North West Africa. It was the 6th Armoured Division that eventually met up with the 8th Army advancing from the east. The Division later took part in the Italian campaign and, under 8th Army in the spring of 1945, fought in 15th Army Group’s final campaign in the Po Valley. The final action of the Division was a swift advance to Gorizia. Some time between November 1945 and July 1946 the Division was re-designated 1st Armoured Division but retained the ‘mailed fist’ badge. It is not clear when this formation was disbanded but 6th Armoured Division was reformed in 1950 as part of BAOR and re-adopted the mailed fist sign.

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