British WW2 Glider Pilot Wings

Original British WW2 British Glider Pilot Wings, the imperial (King’s) crown is embroidered in yellow, red, green and white thread and the wings are in pale blue, on black woolen padded backing. The badge measures 115mm from wing tip to wing tip and has no damage or repairs in very good condition.

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British WW2 Glider Pilot Wings

The British Glider Pilot Wings or Army Flying Badge was a skill-at-arms badge that was originally worn by 1st Glider Pilots and Air Observation Post officers. It was awarded after completing a course at either the Glider Training School or the AOP pilot’s course. The badge was worn on the left breast. The badge was approved under ACI 768/1942 and remains in use (2013) mainly worn by Army pilots flying helicopters.

The embroidered badge depicts an Imperial (King’s) crown in yellow and coloured silks, with on either side a pair of pale blue wings, all on a black background cut to the badge.