British WW2 (RASC) Air Despatch Group Patch

A British RASC WW2 Air Despatch Group Patch, constructed in cotton screen printed. The badge depicts a yellow ‘Dakota’ aircraft, on a royal blue backgroud. The badge was awarded as an honour to the Air Despatch Group, Royal Army Service Corps (RASC), after the Arnhem operation in which some 116 air despatchers lost their lives. It is worn on the left breast of the flying overall only. However, the badge comes facing both left and right and as such was obviously intended for wear as facing pairs. In addition, the flying overalls do not appear to carry the title as well as the badge. On this basis it is possible that the badge was originally worn on both sleeves and that the title was worn below the badge in a similar fashion to the ‘AIRBORNE’ title in relation to the Pegasus badge. Examples of the badge exist where the tail of the Dakota is rounded at the top and it is believed that this is a post-war modification to the original design.


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