DJ Belt Buckle

An original DJ Belt Buckle, die stamped in brass nickle plated. The obverse of the buckle depicts the ‘Victory Rune’ of the DJ organisation Deutsches Jungvolk, with signs of wear. The reverse of the buckle has a soldered catch, complete with the RZM logo of the Reichszeugmeisterei, and makers code M4/34 indicating the following manufacturer Nordwall & Welschehold, Menden. Overall, the buckle has no damage or repairs with signs of wear otherwise in good condition.

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Deutsches Jungvolk Brief History

The Deutsches Jungvolk, often abbreviated as DJ or DJV, constituted a distinct branch of the Hitler Youth during the Nazi regime in Germany, targeting boys aged 10 to 13. Its primary objective was to shape young minds through outdoor activities, processions, and sports, all in accordance with Nazi ideology. Starting in 1939, membership in the Deutsches Jungvolk became compulsory for eligible boys, and tragically, some of its members were conscripted into the military towards the end of World War II. With the conclusion of the war in 1945, both the Deutsches Jungvolk and its parent organization, the Hitler Youth, were disbanded.

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