Dr. Fritz Todt Prize In silver 1st Model

Dr. Fritz Todt prize in silver 1st model, die struck in silvered zinc. The obverse of the badge depicts an eagle with folded wings facing to the left, standing on a scroll inscribed ‘DR Fritz Todt’. Beneth the scroll is the organisation Todt logo. The reverse is unmarked with a hinged vertical pin with soldered flat wire catch. The Dr. Fritz Todt prize in silver 1st model has no damage or repairs, in good condition.

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The Dr. Fritz Todt Prize was established by Dr. Robert Ley, leader of the German Labour Front, as a tribute to commemorate the accomplishments of Dr. Fritz Todt and honor his memory following his premature demise. This recognition was bestowed upon Germans who significantly contributed to the war effort, particularly those who enhanced the production of weapons or munitions, or pioneered methods to conserve resources, minimize energy consumption, or enhance labor efficiency.

Recipients of the award were presented with a certificate along with a monetary prize. Those in the I Class received 50,000 Reichsmark, the II Class recipients were granted 30,000 Reichsmarks, and the III Class awardees received 10,000 Reichsmarks.

Each grade of the award had three versions. The first version bore an inscription on the obverse reading, “DR FRITZ TODT PREIS,” while the reverse featured the date of Dr. Fritz Todt’s death and an award number. The second version retained the obverse inscription but omitted the date and award number on the reverse. The third version had an obverse inscription reading, “DR FRITZ TODT,” without the date or an award number on the reverse.

This decoration was presented annually on September 4th, Dr. Todt’s birthday, and on February 8th, the anniversary of his death.

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