Driver’s Proficiency Badge In Silver

A driver’s proficiency badge in silver, die-stamped construction with silver finish mounted on green wool backing. The insignia depicts a steering wheel surrounded by a laurel wreath. The reverse of the drivers profiency badge is complete with papper backing, backing plate and prongs, measuring 45mm in diametre. The item has no damage or repairs in mint condition.

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Driver’s Proficiency Badge In Silver

The Driver Proficiency Badge was introduced on March 1, 1940, and it was awarded to members of the German military who demonstrated excellence in driving and vehicle maintenance. The badge came in three classes: bronze, silver, and gold. The class awarded depended on the level of proficiency and experience of the recipient.

The criteria for earning the badge included factors such as the number of accident-free kilometers driven, the successful completion of driving tests, and the ability to perform vehicle maintenance. Additionally, drivers were required to have a certain amount of service time and experience.

The badge itself featured a steering wheel surrounded by an oak leaf wreath. The color of the wreath determined the class of the badge, with bronze, silver, and gold representing the three levels of proficiency. The badge was worn on the left breast pocket of the uniform.

It’s important to note that this information is based on historical records, and if you are looking for specific details or variations in the badge, you may need to consult specialized references or collectors who focus on military memorabilia from that period.


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