General Assault Badge 50 by Rudolf Karneth

General Assault Badge 50 by Rudolf Karneth, multi-piece construction die struck in zink with silver wash, held together by four aluminum rivets.  The black burnished eagle has a lovely patina that retains its original finish.  The wreath has 75% of the silver wash intact, and the plate bearing the number “50” is original to the badge.

The obverse includes a vertical crimped hinge, marked “RK” for Rudolf Karneth, Gablonz, measuring 48.42mm (w) x 58.23mm (h), weighs 38.4g which is a textbook example in extremely fine condition.


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General Assault Badge 50 Assaults

The General Assault Badge was awarded to Officers, NCO’s and Soldiers who participated in 3 Infantry or Armoured Assaults on three different days but were not eligible for the Infantry or Panzer Assault Badge. The award was created to recognise the combat actions of all soldiers not serving in Infantry or Panzer regiments but nevertheless engaging in close combat.  Among them are Combat Engineers, Assault Artillery, Panzer Hunters,  Anti- Tank and Anti-Aircraft units.

Also eligible was Medical Personnel, Cavalry Units, and Signal Personnel when serving under close combat conditions.   The grades include;

  • Grade I awarded after 3 combat days
  • Grade II Awarded after 25 combat days
  • Grade III Awarded after 50 combat days
  • Grade IV Awarded after 75 and again after 100 combat days.