German Knight Cross Propaganda Pictures

A collection of three WW2 German Knight Cross propaganda pictures designed to stick into a scrapbook, measuring 10.2cm x 7.2 cm for the following knight cross winners.

Oberfeldwebel Ernst Gädckens received his Knight’s Cross on the 02.04.1943 for his achievements as a Zugführer in a Holstein Grenadier-Regiment. He distinguished himself by eliminating a strongly garrisoned Bolshevik strongpoint south of Lake Ilmen following bitter close combat. He himself was the one who proposed and masterfully executed the assault operation.

Feldwebel Alois Eckert distinguished himself during the conclusion of the heavy fighting along the north flank of Heeresgruppe Süd against the strong Russian tank forces (the 2nd and 7th Russian tank corps) that were attacking here. On the 13.07.1942 he showed great bravery and initiative during the battles for Hill 191.3 (east of Bol. Wereika), and decisively contributed to the success of his Division’s Kampfgruppe in this area. The bold actions by Feldwebel Eckert, born of his own initiative, brought about the failure of the enemy attack here. An hour later contact with the hard-pressed friendly infantry was restored. His destruction of 11 enemy tanks in a very short time deserves special mention.

Unteroffizier Horst Naumann received his Knight cross for his actions on the morning of the 01.01.1943, in the narrow corridor to Demyansk, the III./Jäger-Regiment 75 stood ready for defense in the sector of the 225. Infanterie-Division in the area around Ssofronkowo.  Attached to this battalion was the Sturmgeschütz of Unteroffizier Naumann, positioned 800 meters east of the village. Just after 09:30 the Soviets launched an armored attack in this sector. Naumann shot up 6 enemy tanks and thus prevented a breakthrough in the sector of the battalion


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