German M34 Fire Police Helmet

A German M34 Fire Police Helmet (Feuerschutzpolizei M34 Stahlhelm) constructed in steel with a crimped edge complete with original black paint on the interior and exterior.  The helmet is flanked by two sets of seven ventilation holes, and four flat-headed liner retaining rivets.  The left decal of the M34 helmet features a German National Eagle clutching an oak-wreathed canted swastika in silver, within a black shield and thin silver border.  The right decal of the helmet features the NSDAP emblem a black mobile swastika with a white disk within a red shield.  Both decals are fully intact and in good condition.

The interior comes complete with an original leather liner marked size 55 and “L.M.”, and stamped with a T within a diamond by maker Eisenhuettenwerke Thale A.G., Thale /Harz, complete with original leather chinstrap and metal buckles.   Overall the M34 Fire Protection Police Helmet is in great condition.


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