German Spanish Cross Bronze

An original German Spanish Cross Bronze (Spanienkreuz in Bronze) constructed in bronze, the decoration depicts a Maltese Cross, the obverse with pebbled arms joined through the quadrants by finely-detailed Luftwaffe eagles clutching mobile swastikas, with a central raised mobile swastika set within dual rings, the reverse with a block hinge and tapering vertical pinback meeting a rounded catch, unmarked, measuring 55.90 mm (w) x 56.08 mm (h), weighing 26.0 grams, with minor tarnishing evident in addition to some bending of the pinback and catch, in overall near extremely fine condition.

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During the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War in 1936, Germany offered military aid to Francisco Franco’s Nationalist forces, with the formation of the Condor Legion.

On the 14th April 1939, Germany instituted the Spanish Cross decoration for both combatants and personal who assisted with the Spanish Civil War. The award came in three classes gold, silver, and bronze.  The silver and bronze classes were awarded without swords for military personal and civilians that had served for three months’ service in Spain without experience.

The German Spanish Cross in bronze with swords was awarded to combat troops who served in the front line, for those who took part in decisive battles were awarded the silver version.

The Spanish Cross with swords in gold was awarded to soldiers who displayed great merit in combat, with only 1126 issued.  For those who displayed exceptional leadership and bravery during the campaign the Spanish Cross with Swords in gold with diamonds was awarded only 28 of which were bestowed in total, one such recipient included Adolf Galland Luftwaffe flying ace.

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