Gold Wound Badge Tombak By Hauptmünzamt

A WW2 German Gold Wound Badge (Verwundetenabzeichen), constructed in tombak with a nice patina that retains the majority of its gold gilt wash.  The reverse of the badge has a vertical pin assembly, with a block hinge and stamped “30” for Hauptmünzamt Wien, which is a desirable maker.  The award has no damage or repairs in  very good condition.

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Gold Wound Badge

The Gold Wound Badge (Goldene Verwundetenabzeichen) was a German military decoration awarded to soldiers of the Wehrmacht who were wounded in combat during World War II. It was instituted on March 30, 1942, and could be awarded to soldiers who had been wounded five or more times.

The badge was made of gold-colored metal and depicted an oval laurel wreath with a swastika at the top and a German helmet at the bottom. In the center of the wreath was a black enamel field with a raised German eagle clutching a swastika.

The Gold Wound Badge was considered a high honor and was usually presented to soldiers in a formal ceremony. Recipients were entitled to wear the badge on their uniform for the rest of their lives, as a testament to their bravery and sacrifice in service to their country.

It’s worth noting that while the Gold Wound Badge was a prestigious decoration, it was ultimately a symbol of the horrific toll that war takes on those who fight it.

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