Guards Machine Gun Regiment Cap Badge Bronze Officers

Extremely rare Guards Machine Gun Regiment Officers cap badge in bronze circa 1918, complete with four lugs on the reverse.


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Guards Machine Gun Regiment Cap Badge

When the Guards Division was formed in August 1915, it included three machine gun companies, with a fourth added in March 1917.  In April 1917, the four companies were grouped together as a single battalion named the Machine Gun Guards, before being re-designated by Royal Warrant in May 1918 as the Guards Machine Gun Regiment.  In June, the regiment was reorganised into battalions.

These three regiments returned to England in 1919 and reverted to their previous roles. The 4th Battalion its return was designated 6th or Machine Gun Regiment of Foot Guards, or the Guards Machine Gun Regiment. It was disbanded in 1920.  The date 1916 on the Guards Machine Gun Regiment Cap badge refers to the date in which the regiment was formed.