Heer (Army) Afrika Korp Pith Helmet 2nd Pattern With Dust Goggles

An original WW2 German Heer (Army) Afrika Korp pith helmet with dust goggles. The body of the pith helmet is constructed in cork covered in olive drab felt, with a green leather chin strap. The helmet includes two alloy stamped insignia, on the left side is the Heer eagle in silver with a black background, and on the right side is the  National tri-color shield. The interior of the helmet is lined with red felt, complete with a light tan leather sweatband which is unmarked marked, apart fom the size ’57’ stamped underneath. The pith helmet comes complete with a nice pair of umbral Carl Zeiss dust goggles worn by motorised and mountain troops. The pith helmet and dust goggles have no damage or repairs in very good condition great addition for any display.


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