Heer Feldgendarmerie Officer’s Visor Cap

A Heer Feldgendarmerie officer’s visor cap, constructed with grey-green felted doeskin with three bands of orange pipping for Feldgendarmerie unit or possibly recruitment with dark green woolen band for Army/Heer. The visor cap features a high peak crown complete with Wehrmacht eagle insignia, with alluminium cockade in the centre. The silver twisted bullion chin cord is attached either side of the cap by silver pebbled buttons, which sits beautifully on the black lacquered leathered peak. The interior of the cap is lined with grey satin fabric with clear diamond celluloid in the centre with the markers mark ‘Friedrich Schweitzer Koblenz – Niederberg’ size 57.5 with the recepiants name ‘Becker Mayen’, complete with grey leather sweatband. The visor cap has a couple of minor moth niks, otherwise in mint condition.


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