Heer M43 Officers Field Cap

An orginal WW2 German Heer M43 Officers field cap, constructed in grey field grey wool with aluminium wire piping running around the top of the outer edge of the crown, with two  pebbled and grey-painted zink buttons. The front of the M43 cap has a typical flat wire bevo trapezoid insignia factory applied. The interior of the M43 cap has a silver grey rayon liner stamped size 57 in black ink, with a partial brown leather sweatband across the forehead. The cap has light sweat stains in the liner with no damage or repairs otherwise in good condition.

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M43 Field Cap Brief History

The M43 field cap, also known as the “Einheitsmütze,” was utilized by the German Wehrmacht and SS during World War II. Its design was inspired by the German Gebirgsjäger’s ski cap, with slight modifications: a slightly extended bill and a smaller top panel circumference, giving the cap slightly sloped sides. This design, along with its successors still in use today, is the German equivalent to the American patrol cap or utility cover.

Several variants of the M43 field cap exist, beginning with the Gebirgsjäger’s ski cap, which was the original model in this hat family. The ski cap featured a high peak, a tear-drop-shaped top, a short bill, and a small skirt that could be folded down to protect the ears in cold weather. Each Bergmütze was adorned with a small Edelweiss or a grouping of Jäger leaves, depending on the unit. The ski cap was typically made of Field Grey or Field Blue wool, depending on its use by the Heer, SS, or Luftwaffe.

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