Infantry Assault Badge Silver By MK

Infantry Assualt Badge Silver by MK, mid to late war, die-struck construction, silver-plated with distinctive wingtips.  The reverse has the maker mark below the hinge “MK” within a triangle for Metall & Kunststoff with a crimped ball hinge and catch; measuring 63.05mm (h) x 48.20mm (w) and weighing 29.00 grams.

The badge has no damage or repairs, in good condition.

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Infantry Assault Badge

The Infantry Assault Badge was instituted on 20.12.39 by Commander-in-Chief of the army Generalfeldmarschall Walther von Brauchitsch, as a visible sign of recognition to establish the highest standards within infantry regiments.

The Infantry Assault Badge depicts an oval oak leaf wreath with the Wehrmacht (Armed Forces) style eagle above with swept wings clutching a swastika in its talons, with a Mauser rifle with a fixed bayonet and sling in the centre angled.

The badge was awarded to officers, NCOs, and enlisted men from rifle companies that were non-motorised that had participated;

  • Taken part in at least three infantry assaults (including counter-attacks)
  • Three assaults at least three armed reconnaissance operations or engaged in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Participated on three separate days in the reestablishment of combat positions.

As the war progressed it became necessary to extend the award to motorised infantry units so a bronze version was established on the 1st June 1940.

The badge was worn on the left breast pocket of the field blouse.  If the recipient had an Iron Cross EK1 the regulations stated the badge must be worn below this slightly offset to the right.