Iron Cross EK1 1939 By B.H. Mayer

An original Iron Cross EK1 1939 By B.H. Mayer, three-piece construction with magnetic iron core with nice black factory finish with crisp silver frame. The reverse of the iron cross is marked ‘L/18’ on the back of the pin for B.H. Mayer, Pfrozheim complete with barrell style hinge and flat wire catch. The iron cross has no damage or repairs in good condition.

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The Iron Cross 1939 1st Class (Eisernes Kreuz EK1 ) is a former military Prussian decoration, awarded for bravery, and later restored by Adolf Hitler in 1939.

The Iron Cross of World War II was graded into three main categories the Iron Cross 2nd Class (EKII), Iron Cross 1st Class (EK1) and the Knights Cross which replaced the Prussian Pour le Mérite or “Blue Max” as Hitler did not approve of much of the old Prussian order award only to officers.

The Prussian Iron Cross 1914 with black and white ribbon, was replaced with the red, white and black colours adopted by The National Socialist German Workers’ Party. with a Swastika added in the centre with 1939 beneath.

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