King’s Own Malta Regiment Cap Badge

Original King’s Own Malta Regiment Cap Badge, depicts white metal Maltese cross on brass, surrounded by circular band with KING’S OWN MALTA REGIMENT, also surrounded by a wreath and scroll underneath MDCCC, surmounted by King’s crown.  The reverse comes complete with slider, in good condition.

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King’s Own Malta Regiment

The King’s Own Malta Regiment (K.O.M.R.) was formed as a Territorial Infantry Regiment in 1932, the latest in a series of locally raised militia units and regiments dating back to the 1800s.

Its immediate predecessor was the Royal Malta Regiment of Militia, established in 1889. The opportunity to have the name changed to a more prestigious ‘King’s Own’ presented itself and was eagerly snapped up in 1903, when during a Royal Visit, King Edward VII referred to the RMRM as “My Regiment”.

During the Second World War the Regiment was expanded to four battalions, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 10th, and all rendered sterling service. The infantrymen were constantly trained in fighting tactics, weapon training and anti-invasion drills, to prepare against the largest threat to Malta, Operation Herkules, the planned German-Italian invasion.

The main task of the 2nd Battalion, the unit represented by the ‘Malta Command L.H.G’, was the defence of the shores of Malta. This was carried out mainly by the manning of pill boxes, and generally one depth post and two beach posts were allocated to a platoon of 30 men. Constant patrols along the shoreline were carried out to foil any Commando-style operation the enemy might try to carry out.