WW2 Kriegsmarine Destroyer War Badge by Schwerin Berlin

Original WW2 Kriegsmarine Destroyer War Badge by Schwerin Of Berlin (Zerstörerkriegsabzeichen) a fine textbook example of a gilded silvered tombac.   The reverse is stamped with the classic makers mark Schwerin Of Berlin 68, with horizontal pinback barrel hinge and flat wire catch and safety hook.

The award measures 53.88mm x 45.33mm and weighs 24.5 grams in good condition.


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WW2 Kriegsmarine Destroyer War Badge

The Destroyer War Badge (German: Zerstörerkriegsabzeichen) is a WW2 German naval decoration awarded to officers and crew for service on Kriegsmarine destroyers.  It was instituted on 4 June 1940 by Grand Admiral Erich Raeder following the battle of Narvik. It was also awarded to the crews of torpedo boats and fast attack craft until the institution of the Fast Attack Craft War Badge.

The medal, designed by Paul Carsberg of Berlin, consists of an outer oakleaf laurel wreath of oak leaves with the national emblem of an eagle clutching a swastika at the apex.  The central area features a side-view of a destroyer cutting through a wave.

It was worn on the lower part of the left breast pocket of the naval service tunic, underneath the 1st class Iron Cross if awarded. Additionally, an embroidered cloth version was produced.

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