Kriegsmarine U-Boat Badge By Rudolf Karneth

A Kriegsmarine U-Boat Badge By Rudolf Karneth (U-Boot Kriegsabzeichen) Constructed in zink, unmarked, but attributed to Rudolf Karneth, Gablonz making this a scare variant.   The obverse of the U-bot badge retains 60% of its original gilt finish, with unique features to this maker with the shape of the eagle’s head with similarities to GWL. and the secondary wing feathers.  The reverse has an integral hinge, with a round wire catch crimped to the badge; measuring 49. mm (w) x 40.0 mm (h).

The badge has no damage or repairs, in good condition.


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Kriegsmarine U-Boat Badge

The Kriegsmarine U-Boat Badge (U-Boot-Kriegsabzeichen) was instituted in 1918 during WW1 which was awarded to recognise U-boat crews who had completed three war patrols.

The badge depicts a submarine in the centre surrounded by an oval laurel wreath with a German Eagle above clasping a swastika, gilded in gold which was worn on the lower left of the uniform.

Early versions of the award were made in tombac, with later versions made from zinc and a cloth embroidered version also existed in golden yellow cotton in bullion thread on blue woolen backing.  All badges were issued with a citation document, which rarely survived so are quite hard to find.

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