Kriegsmarine U-Boat Badge Funcke & Brunenghaus

Late war Kriegsmarine U-Boat badge by Funcke & Brunenghaus (U-Boot-Kriegsabzeichen), constructed in zinc, unmarked, but typical Funcke & Brunenghaus with vertical hinge and soldered catch, measuring H39mm x W49.7mm.  The piece has lost the majority of its gold gilt, however, the item has a nice aged patina, otherwise in nice condition.


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Kriegsmarine U-Boat Badge

The Kriegsmarine U-Boat Badge (U-Boot-Kriegsabzeichen) was instituted in 1918 during WW1 which was awarded to recognise U-boat Crews who had completed three war patrols.

The WW2 badge depicts a submarine in the centre surrounded by an oval laurel wreath with a German Eagle above clasping a swastika, gilded in gold which was worn on the lower left of the uniform.

Early versions of the award were made in tombac, with later versions made from zinc and a cloth embroidered version also existed in golden yellow cotton in bullion thread on blue woolen backing.  All badges were issued with a citation document, which rarely survived so are quite hard to find.