Kriegsmarine U-Boat Clasp Bronze By Schwerin Berlin 68

Scare late war Kriegsmarine U-Boat Clasp Bronze By Schwerin Berlin (U-Boot-Frontspange Bronze).  Constructed in bronzed zinc, the obverse consists of an oval laurel wreath, with a raised U-Boat in the centre with a hollow backdrop topped with a Kriegsmarine National Eagle clutching a mobile swastika, flanked on each side by oak leaves.  The reverse of the clasp is embossed with the manufacturer’s name and location “Ausf. Schwerin Berlin 68” and the designer’s name “Entwurf Peekhaus”  complete with horizontal tapered pinback with an integral hinge and a crimped flat wire catch, measuring 76.46 mm (w) x 24.08 mm (h); weighing 19.2 grams; in very good condition.


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Kriegsmarine U-Boat Clasp Bronze

The U-Boat War Badge was instituted on the 13th October 1939, by Admiral Erich Raeder and awarded to all ranks to all U-Boat personnel to recognise continued combat service and valour.  The award criteria were based on the U-boat commander’s recommendation and subject to approval by Admiral Donitz.

Later in the war, the U-Boat Clasp silver was introduced on the 24th November 1944 to recognise bronze holders’ continued merits and was worn on the upper left breast.


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