Leicestershire Regiment

Original WW2 Leicester Regiment cap badge in bi-metal construction in good condition complete with original slider.

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Leicestershire Regiment Cap Badge

The cap badge of the Royal Tiger Regiment depicts a Royal Tiger on ground with scroll below inscribed “Leicestershire Regiment” and above the inscription “Hindoostan” one of the regiments famous battle honours.

Brief History

The Leicestershire Regiment (Royal Leicestershire Regiment after 1946) was a line infantry regiment of the British Army, with a history going back to 1688. The regiment saw service for three centuries, in numerous wars and conflicts such as both World War I and World War II, before being amalgamated, in September 1964, with the 1st East Anglian Regiment (Royal Norfolk and Suffolk), the 2nd East Anglian Regiment (Duchess of Gloucester’s Own Royal Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire) and the 3rd East Anglian Regiment (16th/44th Foot) to form the present day Royal Anglian Regiment, of which B Company of the 2nd Battalion continues the lineage of the Royal Leicestershire Regiment.