Lovat Scouts Cap Badge

Original WW1 Lovat Scouts cap badge made in brass no maker mark, complete with lugs.

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Lovat Scouts Cap Badge

The Lovat Scouts cap badge depicts a stags head facing to the left on a torse (heraldic crest-wreath) encircled by scroll with the inscription Lovat Scouts.

Brief History

The Lovat Scouts was a British Army unit first formed during the Second Boer War as a Scottish Highland yeomanry regiment of the British Army. They were the first known military unit to wear a ghillie suit and in 1916 formally became the British Army’s first sniper unit, then known as “sharpshooters”. It served in the First World War and the Second World War and today forms A (The Lovat Scouts) Company within the 2nd Battalion, 51st Highland Volunteers.