Luftwaffe Aircraft Warning Service Trade Badge

Original Luftwaffe Signals Personal Trade Badge on dark blue wool, in good condition.

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Luftwaffe Aircraft Warning Service Trade Badge

On joining the Luftwaffe enlisted men and NCO’s were assigned and trained for a specific trade or military function.  On successful completion of the appropriate trade training, personnel were issued a distinctive trade badge to be worn on the lower left sleeve of the service tunics as identifying insignia with a couple of exceptions.

Luftwaffe trade patched were introduced in May 1935, with no fewer then thirty nine speciality trade badges. Some trade badges were piped with twisted, grey or silver/aluminum braiding to denote NCO’s ranks while some were piped with twisted, gilt braiding to denote outstanding performance in the particular trade, which sometimes came with an awards certificate.

The Luftwaffe Aircraft Warning Service Trade Badge was instituted in late 1937 / early 1938 and depicts gull wings in the centre with crossed lighting bolts in silver/grey thread.