Luftwaffe Collar Tabs EM Hermann Göring Division Jager

Original set of Luftwaffe Collar Tabs EM Hermann Göring Division Jager, on white wool and green piping, mounted on buckram backing in good condition.

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Luftwaffe Collar Tabs Hermann Göring Division

Luftwaffe collar tabs in the Hermann Göring Division denoted elite status of personnel and rank, worn on the Luftwaffe fliegerbluse (aviator blouse).

The Hermann Göring Division  Collar tabs were white with different coloured piping, which came in three configurations;

  • No pipping HG Troops from April 1943
  • Red piping HG Flak Units issued until April 1943
  • Green piping Jager / Infantry HG Troops issued until April 1943
In April 1943, a decree was issued to all troops in the Herman Göring Division to replace their collar tabs with plain white ones.