Luftwaffe Dagger 1st Model By Paul Weyersberg

An early example of a Luftwaffe Dagger 1st Model by Paul Weyersberg, the mounts and hilt are solid nickel.  The sunwheel swastika on the pommel and the crossguard are the brass medallion type, with the flight school stamped beneath (FL.SC 0.64).  The grip is covered with Moroccan leather, which has a couple of marks on the ribs.  The scabbard comes complete with the aluminum chain and snap clip, and the leather and nickel are in good condition, with a few minor scuffs.  The nickel plating on the blade is in superb condition, complete with markers mark Paul Weyersberg and the Luftwaffe acceptance stamp, the original owner has also scratched ‘E’ into the reverse side. Overall the dagger is in good condition and desirable addition to any collection.


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