Luftwaffe Officers Crusher Visor Cap

A Luftwaffe Officers Crusher Visor Cap with signs of ageing, discolouration and wear.  The leather peak is the correct shape and material.  Constructed of smooth dark-grey wool with a black woven ribbon cap band.  The visor cap features three bands of woven, silver “Waffenfarbe” piping at the top, middle, and bottom, with a silver bullion chin strap.  Stitched onto the band is a hand-embroidered silver aluminium wire tri-colour cockade, flanked on each side by stylised wings of identical construction, with an aluminium Luftwaffe cap eagle above clutching a mobile swastika in its talons.  The interior of the cap has a brown leather sweatband with no signs of a maker mark with a transparent plastic moisture guard stitched to rayon liner.

This Luftwaffe Officers Crusher Visor Cap is a battlefield-worn example.

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