Luftwaffe Pilots Badge By GWL

An extremely rare Luftwaffe Pilots Badge by GWL, constructed in tombak with a nice patina and polished edges.  The obverse of the decoration bears a Luftwaffe Eagle clutching a mobile swastika in its talons, surrounded by an oval-shaped oak and laurel wreath.  The reverse of the badge is marked “GWL” by desirable maker Grebüder Wegerhoff of Lüdenscheid, which is over-stamped “RC” and is attributed to “Richard Weimar Conrad” (RZM code M1/2).   It is likely that GWL sold some of its stock to a third party, and RC added his own mark for sale and distribution.   Further details on this can be found in The German Close Combat Clasp of World War II, by Thomas Durante pages 304-306.   This pilot’s badge has no damage or repairs with a nice frosted wreath and polished highlights and is in mint condition.


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Luftwaffe Pilots Badge

The Luftwaffe Pilots Badge was instituted by Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring on August 12, 1935.  It was among the earliest badges introduced and worn by all qualified pilots in the German Air Force.

The badge features an eagle with spread wings, clutching a swastika in its talons. The eagle is surrounded by a laurel wreath and is placed on top of a horizontal bar with the words “Luftwaffe” written on it. The badge was made of metal and was typically worn on the left breast pocket of the uniform.

There were various versions of the badge, including a basic version, a version with diamonds for particularly outstanding pilots, and a version with a gold wreath for pilots who had achieved a certain number of aerial victories. The badge was highly sought after by pilots and was considered a symbol of excellence and skill in aviation.

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